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Bijeenkomst met Rosemarijn Roes

23 juni


€ 35.00

Rosemarijn Roes

23 juni 2018


14:00 - 18:00

€ 35.00




Door open from 13.45

The meeting is in English and Dutch

In this inter-active meeting, there is a lot of space for questions.


When the "I" falls away, it is clear that nothing had fallen away. You could say nothing changes and everything falls apart(paradox).
Suddely, there is only being, what of course always was...Free will and free choice are seen as apparant free will and apparant free choice. Wanting to feel better or to change dissapears. Freedom is within what is, and is already complete
How can you say this, this is beyond everything you can know.
Suddenly it is clear that nothing is solid. It is there and it is not. Everything appears to be there.This can't be understood. Knowing is pointless.
It is clear that there is no world. The apparant world seems smaller, nothing is outside. There is only an appearance of a coach, talking, the street. So litterally, so exactly what it is, without story, explaining or direction
Everything is life, whatever form it takes. Impulses appear and there is nothing what changes it, or looks at it. It is complete in itself, whatever it is.
Nothing is needed. This has nothing to do with spirituality. This is it, this is it, just simple and direct.
Everything is so normal...
There are no words for this. It is little and subtle and it is so.... waauw .
It is empty and yet it is full. There is no awareness and yet this is life going full on, intense, no escape at all.
For the me this seems impossible.

What a beauty, what an adequate and incomprehensible miracle.