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Bijeenkomst met Andreas Müller

17 januari


€ 20.00

Andreas Müller

17 januari 2020


20:00 - 22:00

€ 20.00



+31 (0)6 40115229

Meetings will be in English.

Prices mentioned are suggested fees. The suggested fee for the whole weekend is €80,00.

Liberation is not another experience within the 'I am'-experience,  but rather the sudden and causeless death of 'I am'. Seen from the 'I',  it is nothing else than death. However, the surprise is that in dying  nothing dies. There is nothing alive that could die. 'I am', presence,  awareness turn out to be unreal - what dies never lived. What remains,  is no-thing as that which apparently happens. Free of search and free of  necessity. That is the miracle.
                                                    ---- Andreas in March 2018