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Bijeenkomst met Chidvilas & Jyoti

06 maart


€ 250.00

Chidvilas & Jyoti

06 maart 2020


08 maart 2020

€ 250.00




Advaita Laboratory with Chidvilas & Jyoti
*1 Module: Recognizing Who You Really Are*
We are very happy to invite you to join the first Advaita Laboratory of Chivilas & Jyoti in Amsterdam. We invited them here in Amsterdam after experiencing their Satsang last summer in Italy and being enthusiastic about it!

* What is this retreat about?
This retreat concerns the last part of the spiritual journey: The realization of our True Nature. When the ego identifies with the personality it falls prey to conditioning and becomes a victim of circumstances. This identification generates suffering, fear, a sense of loneliness and separation. When the identification returns to the original Self, a completely new vision opens up, you find the essential qualities of your Being: Unconditional Love, Peace, Trust, Harmony, Contentment and Clarity. This discovery is a radical revolution and changes profoundly the vision of our life.

* How does Satsang with Chid & Jyoti work?
It is a group process (16 people max) during a 3Days non-residential retreat in which we will recognize and explore together, under the guidance of the teachers, our True Buddha Nature or Self in a joyful, practical and effective way.
The process consists of a series of group "experiments" using active and passive meditation techniques, exercises on sensation and perception, group and couples exchange, Q&A etc. All held in a present, loving and grounded energy field. It is a direct and active way to practice Self-Enquiry and Self-Investigation.

You will be guided step-by-step in this process by these two loving, authentic and friendly teachers with 40 years experience in spirituality. Who don't want to leave anyone behind and take time to make sure you clearly Recognize who you really are and acknowledge what you discover with your own authority.

See also the video of presentation made by Jyoti & Chidvilas in the post of the event on FB, it is very beautiful...