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Bijeenkomst met Chidvilas & Jyoti

30 oktober


€ 250.00

Chidvilas & Jyoti

30 oktober 2020


01 november 2020

€ 250.00




Advaita Laboratory with Chidvilas & Jyoti
*1 Module: Recognizing Who You Really Are*

What is this retreat about?
This retreat concerns the last part of the spiritual journey: The realization of our True Nature. When the ego identifies with the personality it falls prey to conditioning and becomes a victim of circumstances. This identification generates suffering, fear, a sense of loneliness and separation. When the identification returns to the original Self, a completely new vision opens up, you find the essential qualities of your Being: Unconditional Love, Peace, Trust, Harmony, Contentment and Clarity. This discovery is a radical revolution and changes profoundly the vision of our life.

~ See also the video of presentation made by Jyoti & Chidvilas in the discussion board on FB and their interview for an Indian website ~

* How does Satsang with Chid & Jyoti work?
It is a group process (12 people max) during a 3Days non-residential retreat in which we will recognize and explore together, under the guidance of the teachers, our True Buddha Nature or Self in a joyful, practical and effective way.
The process consists of a series of group "experiments" using active and passive meditation techniques, exercises on sensation and perception, group and couples exchange, Q&A etc. All held in a present, loving and grounded energy field. It is a direct and active way to practice Self-Enquiry and Self-Investigation.

Did you never attend an Advaita Satsang before? Great! Here an opportunity to take this important step in your life to know who you really are and discover the source of happiness...

Did you attend many Advaita Satsangs before? Great! Here an opportunity to experience and deepen the same discovery, you will be involved fully and have all the time to ask your questions and be supported in a individual way. En-Join us!

(additional info about Chid & Jyoti and Testimonials below)

Max 12 participants
Fee: 250 euro per person
Your subscription is official only after payment and needs to be done within 15 of September.
Cancellation policy: if you cancel your subscription until 30 days before the retreat (29/9) you can get a full refund; after this no refund is possible. If we cancel the event, then you will have a full refund.
About booking and more info, contact Somesh via email:
Location: Meerhuizenplein 11, 1078 TB Amsterdam
Language: English
Schedule: Friday 30/10, Saturday 31/10 and Sunday 1/11 From 10.00 to 13.00 and From 15.30 to 18.30.
Entrance from 9.45 on and from 15.15 on.

It is a non-residential retreat but you can bring your own lunch, there is a small fridge. You can sound record the retreat and makes notes (private use), feel free to bring your own yoga mat even though there is a carpet on the floor.


"You start by chance, curiosity, desire.
You trust them because each word they say is experienced.
You follow them because they do not lead you anywhere, except to your own Heart, deeper and deeper." - Donatella Anat V., student of Chid & Joty since 2006

"The spiritual seeker in me one day felt the need to "discover her true nature".
I then met Chid and Jyoti who support you step by step and then let you go to your inner awakening. How lucky to have met them." - Ekanta, student of Chid & Joty since 2009

"Satsang with Chid & Joty is a wonderful experience! They are loving and kind and involve you at 360degrees without leaving anyone behind. It is a bit like to be in a very nice school where you are supported to ground your attention in who you really are. I attended many satsangs but I never came across such a simple, joyful and effective way to enquiry and discover our true nature and deepen my experience. I definitely recommend them" - Somesh, student of Chid & Joty since 2019

Advaita-Vedanta: is a school of Hindu philosophy and is a classic system of spiritual realization in Hindu tradition. The term Advaita means "Not-Two", it is a direct and non-dualistic spiritual path to recognize our true spiritual nature.

Satsang: is a word which comes from Sanskrit, meaning "gathering together for the truth" or, more simply, "being with the truth.". It is also related to sitting with a sat guru or in a group meeting seeking that association.