Satsang Agenda

Bijeenkomst met Marlies Cocheret

25 juni

Online Zoom English

€ 15.00

Marlies Cocheret

25 juni 2021


19:00 - 21:00

€ 15.00



The Flowering of Freedom

This event is organised by Open Circle Center. Please click HERE to register.

The spontaneous gift of a taste – big or small – of freedom is the beginning of a new life. It seems a wave of new beginnings is happening on our precious planet earth. The earth shakes us. We are the earth. Awakening is happening. Naturally the first taste of freedom wants to be incarnated and expressed.

During this monthly satsang we will explore what it is like to live as freedom in our body being and owning that in our personhood as well as in our divinity. Truly, they are not different. They are one and the same. Simultaneously a process of shedding old identities as we step into owning our blossoming brilliance. 

Will you join us?

There will be an opportunity to share, so please bring your experience, presence and questions to share with the group.