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Bijeenkomst met Marlies Cocheret

02 juli

Online Retreat

Marlies Cocheret

02 juli 2021


04 juli 2021



Retreat van 3 halve dagen van 17.00 tot 21.00 uur.

Into the Brilliance of Silence

July 2-4, 2021 

Join this online retreat and bring the realization of the stillness that you are into your living reality.

About the Event

During this retreat, we will explore the question: ‘How does Pure Being experience each moment?’

Step by step, and sometimes in big leaps, we are asked to courageously taste all of life - the good, the bad and the utterly incomprehensible profundity of life.

Writing this text, I hear the distinctive call of an owl and then a loud scream. It sends chills down my spine.  A predator has caught it’s prey and is eating it.  Such a raw, painful and delicious experience depending on which side you are on. For the eater, it’s fantastic to be devouring food and satisfying its hunger. For the prey being eaten, there could be fear, terror, excruciating pain or perhaps instant surrender or the ecstasy of death. Who knows?

That is life on earth. It can be very painful and very pleasurable. It is raw and oh so tender and everything in between. What is all of this? Where have we landed? Perhaps in spirituality we hope to rise above this experience through meditation and spiritual practice. However, sooner or later we realize that to be open to Life means to be open to EVERYTHING.

Can you allow yourself to experience ALL of Life? Please take a moment to receive this question. Are you truly available, open and willing to allow yourself to be completely pierced by Life?

During this retreat we will explore the most exciting question: “How does Pure Being experience each moment?” Let this question drop through the top of your head into your body. See what wants to be revealed.

Will you join me in this exploration?

I hope to see you there while we savor completely the profundity of life for ourselves and through that for all beings.

We will meet for four hours every day. There will be periods of guided meditation, silent meditation, Dharma talk, sharing and short breaks.

The cost to attend the full retreat is $97 and to attend a single day is $47.

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