Satsang Agenda

Chidvilas & Jyoti


* About Chivilas and Jyoti:
Jyoti and Chidvilas lived for many years in India in the Ashram of Osho Rajneesh. After that the Master left the body, they met many other enlightened Masters in the constant search for Inner Awakening. From their experience of spiritual liberation they developed a process that points directly to the essence of the realization of the Self. This great realization lead to the creation of this Retreat.

He traveled all over India for many years since the 60s, meeting Hindu and Sufi mystics with which he shared the same longing for Truth and the same way of living. Among the many, he was with the Indian master Goenkaji from whom he learned a meditation technique that was secret until that time: Vipassana of the Burmese Buddhist tradition.
After living for several years as Sadu, he met his Master Osho Rajneesh in 1975. In '76 he received the teaching from Osho to develop his skills as a healer. He remained for many years in the Ashram in Pune, sharing with many people his experience in meditation and healing and giving birth to the method called Osho Prana Healing. Those years were dedicated to spreading Osho Prana Healing in India, United States and Europe. In this period he became also Osho Neo-Reiki Master. He continued teaching for many years after Osho left the body.

His passion for truth lead him to learn from different Awakened masters to the point of completing his journey of research. Now he shares the most precious pearl of his life…

She dedicated her life to the search for Truth. Since her teens she was experimenting various techniques of meditation and Yoga. She went very young in India in search of a Master. In 1977 she arrived at the Ashram in Pune of Shree Rajneesh today called "Osho". Osho became her teacher. Jyoti lived in the community (Ashram) of Puna where she spent many years meditating and working. In 1984 she joined the Master in the United States. Then she returned to India, in the Ashram, and devoted herself again to work and meditation. In 1988 she was introduced as official "channeller" at the MYSTERY SCHOOL, the esoteric branch of the "MULTIVERSITY" of the Ashram. She became a REIKI MASTER with Himani, a student of Mary Mc Fadyen initiated directly by Madame Takata.

Towards the end of the 90s she recognized a friend of the Ashram as "Awakened" and thanks personal meetings and small groups sessions she awakened to the Truth of her own Immortal Essence.
Since then she has been giving sessions, holding groups and courses in India and Europe.